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Stencils To Go

Supplies needed for using stencil design

Here's everything you need to duplicate the ideas in our "Stencil Outside the Lines" feature (pages 19 to 32). All stencils are exclusive Better Homes and Garden[R] designs (not available in stores) and were produced for us by Designer Stencils. more...

Bright spots

by Oma Blaise Ford

If the thought of splashing bold paint on beige walls makes you break out in a cold sweat, you're not alone. "Most people are terrified of choosing color," says interior decorator Debbie Travis. more...

Mix and match

by Ann Bertelson

How do you successfully blend solids, stripes, prints, and plaids in the same room? Interior designer Janice Stone Thomas demonstrates in this remodeled house. To create a vivid environment inspired by the home's lakeside setting, Thomas developed a palette of Caribbean blues, sunshine yellows, and coral pinks. The key colors repeat on cabinets and accent pillows. more...

Making Arrangements

by Catharine Kramer

"Shop your house" before you shop the mall if you're in a mood to redecorate. You may already have much of what you need to freshen up your rooms, says Kitty Starling, one of a new breed of designers known as interior "arrangers," who help clients find ways to work with what they own. Her first piece of advice: "Strip a space to nothing, then build it back up"--layer by layer. more...