Tips for DoItYourself Fencing

Before you start installing your do-it-yourself fence there are a few things you still need to know of. If you find it worthwhile you can go and buy a book on fencing. There is much to do even before you get yourself a do-it-yourself fencing kit. First you will have to contact with your local codes office to know whether you would be allowed to construct a fence at your premises. Their permission is necessary before you start constructing the fence in your property.

Also you should get in touch with the local utility companies so that they can come over to your property and mark the utility locations underground. This is a free service so you don't have to bother about expenses. But it is essential to get the markings done before you start with your digging.

Having got the clearances the next thing you need to know is the linear feet of the fence. Once you are sure about what you need order for the materials to be sent over to your place. Once the kit comes to your place you can start your work.

If the kit comes with the tools that you require to install the fence then nothing like it. However all kits don't actually come with the tools, though the screws and nails required may be a constant presence in almost all of the kits. In the event of your kit not containing the tools you can go and buy the necessary tools from your local hardware store. This is a one time investment and they always come in handy.

If however, you are not sure you will ever require them then you can borrow the tools from a friend of yours. To put up the fence first you will have to mark the positions where the posts will go. Mark the positions with spray paint so that you don't lose the markings over the course of the day. To put in each post dig at least 18 inch deep holes.

If possible you can increase it to 24 inches. The more deep the whole the more solid will be the fence and will be able to withstand winds and storms that much better. However, also be mindful about the height of the fence that will remain over the ground. Once the holes are dug the rest is easy. All you will have to do is just to put the posts in and your fence will be ready.

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