Wind TurbinesSource of Clean Free Power

The best source of alternative energy at present is undoubtedly the wind turbine. Non polluting,they can generate most of our power requirements.They are in fact the primary souce of electric power in some areas of the world.The individual consumer can quite easily generate 100% of his power needs from the wind. There are other interesting alternative energy sources. Solar power is one method of power production which shows great promise and is being used increasingly.

Solar cells are however expensive and power output is limited. For this reason solar power is presently an auxiliary power supply in most cases. Nuclear power stations are widely used around the globe.

The United Kingdom and France generate a large part of their electricity supply this way. The main obstacle to increased use of nuclear power is public distrust of this method of power generation. The accidents at Chernobyl and Three mile Island in particular have caused much fear and dislike for nuclear power generation.

Wind power is acceptable to most communities with the only undesirable feature being the visual pollution caused by large areas covered with big turbines. The addition of one or two turbines can make a home or farm independent of the local power utility. Many suppliers now sell these turbines in all areas.

They are fairly costly unfortunately but over time will pay for their cost and show a saving to the owner. An alternative to buying a wind turbine is to build one yourself. There are plans with instructions available which make this project quite simple. The cost is only a fraction of the price of a commercial wind turbine .

This technology was widely in use in rural areas in the 1930 to 1950s era. Since then it has largely died out since modern consumers are less cost conscious and will pay the power company rather than generate theit own power. At this time it is becoming increasingly obvious to most that we must find less polluting ways to generate our power needs. Generating stations fired by oil,gas and coal are heavy polluters. We need to move away from these methods and instead generate clean,green power. Wind power is the most obvious alternative at the present time.

The individual consumer can do his part by installing a wind turbine or more than one on his propery. A home built wind turbine made from auto parts and a few odds and ends is quite inexpensive and one or more of them can generate all or most of the power needed. They can be roof mounted on a building or free standing on their own tower. It is a misconception that continuous strong winds are needed to generate electricity. Even a light breeze will spin the turbine. Power can be stored in storage batteries till needed for use.

Any excess power generated can be sold to the local power company in many areas. Wind turbine power generation is the best solution available to consumers today. All of us who are concerned about the future of our planet need to get aboard now by building or buying a wind turbine to provide some of our power needs. The most inexpensive way to do this is to build your own turbine.

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