Vertical Platform Lift Tips

Vertical lifts or wheelchair lifts are a great investment if you or someone you love is in a wheelchair or has trouble walking. They work like mini elevators and are used to overcome differences in height found in homes. Here are some things to consider when purchasing and installing your new vertical platform lift. - It is probably a good idea to invest in a good set of lights to keep the vertical platform lift well lit.

Some people get motion sensor lights that automatically cut on when they detect movement. This is great because you do not have to remember to leave the light on when you leave during the day, but return at night. - If you are installing the vertical platform lift outside, then ensure that it is weather proof and also that its colors will fit your homes style. Many wheelchair lifts look very clean and elegant. - Account for any added weight when you consider the weight requirements.

You should consider expected weight gain, wheelchair weight, anyone that may be using the lift with you or by themselves, and keep in mind that you will probably use your wheelchair lift to take your shopping up with you. - Check to see if your lift has a manual lowering mode. This is important to know so that if you loose power you are prepared. Many units have a battery backup available which may be a good idea if you are in an area that frequently looses power. - If you are installing your wheelchair lift outside take measure to protect it from environmental damage. Things like branches that could potentially fall on your unit should be removed.

- Follow the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. This usually takes only a few short minutes and will save you money and ensure that you have many years of quality service from your wheelchair lift. sells only quality home medical equipment at deeply discounted prices. For information on portable wheelchair lifts visit their site or call them to speak to a highly trained specialist.

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