Top Things You Can Do To Help Your Kids Through A Move

Here are 5 simple yet effective things that parents can do to support your children during a move to a new home because relocating can be very exciting as well as a fearful time in your kids lives.

Kids have no choice when it comes to moving and relocating. You as a parent obviously make the decisions and children have to go along with it. This is what angers children and why moving is so difficult for children to cope with. However, with that said its not the end of the world and there are a few things you as a parent can do help the transition go a bit smoother and help curb the tension that can cause so much resentment in young children.

First, you should always inform your children as soon as you know when youre moving. Inform them on all that is to occur from beginning to end. This way kids can start to think forward on what can occur so it lessens any surprises. Kids do have the ability to rationalize you just need to fully explain to children is smaller comforting terms that all will be good again. The more time the children have to think about and prepare for the move, the easier it will be for them.

Second, you need to give children the opportunity to express themselves.

Sometimes this may occur in the form of tantrums or not cooperating with the move but in time with a lot of reassuring from you they will come to terms with the whole process. Sadness is another emotion that you can expect your children to go through. That is perfectly normal for children to feel that way. Try to be honest about your feelings as well. Let kids know how you are coping with all the changes about to occur.

Third, try to make a game out of moving. If you are moving from a small town out in the mid west and are relocating to a big city like NYC, then go on the internet and show them what the big city is like and all it has to offer. Dont leave kids in the dark about all there is to explore. Make a game out of it and theyll sure rebound a lot quicker. If you have older children, let them start a blog to keep a diary of their daily events to keep everyone of their friends informed of whats going on in their lives. This way they can feel like they havent just left everyone behind.

Fourth, you can start to gather information on local sport teams that your kids can get involved in. try to find out who is on the team that they might be living near to start a social chain. The sooner that kids can get to know what is all ahead of them the sooner they can really start to accept the whole new moving thing. During the actual moving day parents need to really stay positive and calm.

I know this is easier said than done at such a hectic time. Small Babies can easily pick up on their mothers mood and are very sensitive to stress. So dont forget about that matter.

Finally, when it comes to packing up all your stuff, whether youre doing the packing job on your own with moving pods or youve hired professional NYC movers, try to let your kids pack their own rooms. Involve your children in the packing process. Older children can put their own belongings in boxes, and kids of all ages will enjoy decorating the boxes containing their things.

By doing this will make finding your childrens things easier once youre at the new house. This helps kids to feel some power and control over what is all to take place. Let kids pack their toys in boxes that they can easily access when you get to your new home so that they can start to re set a new situation.

Remember to save your own sanity during this crazy time, even if youve hired professional NYC Movers to move you, still let your kids do some of their own packing. It doesnt matter if you are moving to Disney Land in London, moving is moving. Your kids need to feel like they have some control over their own lives to cope.


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