Tips For Maintaining Your Antiques And Furniture

Is your Antique furniture has started looking old and a little world-weary? It is very important to have a closer look at your furniture just like your car and your home. Your furniture needs your attention to maximize its value, appearance and usability. A little care on your antiques will last much longer then it normally would. The beauty of antique furniture lies in materials used while making it and how well it is aged.

This article will help you to make your old antique furniture look like a new one without spending huge sum of money. If you are working or if its not possible for you to clean the dust on your furniture then make sure you do dusting and cleaning on weekend and use only soft, lint-free and absorbent cloth for cleaning and polishing and don't forget to cover your furniture if you are going away from home for long holidays . A full scale washing or dry cleaning operation is necessary to remove the dust mites which may have gone deep into the furnishings because those dust mites can't be removed even if you are using a good quality vacuum cleaner. So it is best to follow regular maintenance procedures which might take just few minutes a day. The next thing in your Antique furniture maintenance list should be polish. The best advisable thing is to polish at least once a month if possible but depending on your furniture quality this can be done once in a year too.

Make sure you use a quality furniture polish which suits your furniture wood. Avoid keeping the accessories made of plastic or rubber directly on wood as their elements react with them. A little piece of cloth can save your furniture from spills and hot boils etc which your antique furniture has to undergo on a daily basis. So use table cloth or pads to protect your wooden surface from scratches by bookends, flower pots, and vases etc. Do not keep your furniture in direct sunlight it causes fading & keep your furniture away from high temperature things like air-conditioning units, radiators etc. It is in human nature to ignore small things, but when it comes to your furniture do not ignore any minor repairs or defects.

Make minor repairs while they are still small or you may need to loose your expensive antique or furniture? always use the suitable equipment & if you not familiar with tools, get experts advice & help to repair badly damaged surfaces.

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