Tips For Eating Healthy On a Budget

We all know that we need to eat better but isn't it frustrating that the healthier you try to eat the more money you seem to spend? It doesn't have to be that way. Here are just a few tips to help you feed your family nutritious meals without breaking your budget. 1) Plan your meals around the sales.

Stores routinely rotate sales items every 6 weeks so plan accordingly and stock up. Are the big packs of chicken breast on sale this week? Instead of buying one pack purchase several packs, separate into family size portions and freeze. If you were to purchase extra of the items that are on sale each week you will have a well stocked freezer and pantry in no time.

Try to avoid buying anything in a box. Most boxed foods are full of preservatives and trans fats so it is best to avoid them. Do you like the convenience of boxed foods? There are several good cookbooks and recipes online for making homemade mixes to keep on hand.

You can find homemade muffin mixes and rice mixes to name just a few. Put these mixes in a pretty jar with the directions to prepare and it also makes a nice frugal gift! 3) Use coupons wisely. How many times have you found yourself spending more than you planned after using coupons? The key to saving with coupons is to only purchase the items you would normally use anyway. You will also find that the store brand may still be the better bargain.

An even better idea is to hold onto that coupon and wait for the item you want to go on sale. 4) Do a coupon exchange. Check with family and friends who get the Sunday paper and exchange coupons for ones you can use. This is a good strategy for stocking up when you use coupons for items on sale.

5) Buy produce in season. It will taste much better and you will usually pay less. Also in the warmer months be sure to take advantage of farmers markets for low prices on produce. Buy items like peppers and onions when on sale, chop them and freeze them for quick recipes during the week. Zucchini freezes well once it is shredded.

You can use it for anything from bread to mock crab cakes. 6) Make your grocery list and stick to it. Beware of those impulse buys! The only exception is when the store might be having an unadvertised sale on products that you currently use.

7) Shop after dinner. you wont be tempted to pick up fast food because you are too tired and hungry to cook dinner. If it isn't possible to shop after dinner then be sure to have a snack before you go to curb your appetite. 8) Shop alone. Nothing blows a budget quicker than when your kids are with you! You will get your shopping done much faster which will save both time and money. Think of creative ways you can use meat and poultry for more than one meal.

Meat sauce is just as satisfying with half the amount of ground beef. Slice cheaper cuts of meats thin and use for stir fries. Leftover chicken and beef is also great on top of a salad. 10) Don't be loyal to just one store.

Most grocery stores have certain items priced really low to get your business. If you have several grocery stores in your area try and take advantage of what deals each store has to offer. Of course with the high price of gas it helps to plan these trips when you are in the area, such as stopping at stores that are on your way home from work.

11) Have breakfast for dinner once in a while. French toast with fruit and milk is quick and economical and the kids will love it for dinner. 12) Think leftovers! When planning your meals think ahead of creative ways you could use the leftovers. Did you roast a whole chicken? Shred the leftovers for a quick chicken casserole the next day.

13) Invest in a freezer. To really stock up on sale items then you will find that purchasing a freezer will pay for itself in no time. Watch for sales in your local paper. We found the best deal at our local warehouse club. These are just a few simple tips to help you stretch your budget.

Even if you use just a few of these tips you will find them useful for saving money!.

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