The Hidden Benefit Of Water Gardens

When homeowners decide to install a water garden on their property, they often expect a beautiful area where they can relax in peaceful contemplation. However, once you've had a water garden in your yard for a few weeks, you will start to notice that you are not the only one who is enjoying the beauty of your new landscaping feature. A water garden can be an attractive draw for all kinds of wildlife.

When you have a water garden, you are rolling out the red carpet for some of nature's most beautiful creatures from delicate butterflies to quirky tree frogs in bright, eye-catching colors. A water garden brings the unique wildlife of your region out of the shadows so that you can get to know them, and you just might be surprised at what you discover. Some of the Earth's most beautiful insects are likely to be drawn to your water garden. Many water garden owners are delighted to start each day by discovering a few energetic dragonflies hovering over the water's surface, or skimming through the air with their bright blue and green bodies flashing in the sun.

Dragonflies lay their eggs in water, which makes them common visitors to water ponds. In addition to dragonflies, you are likely to see a host of butterflies who will likely be drawn to your water garden in order to drink. The cool, clean moving water of your tended water garden looks very attractive to these tiny creatures who are constantly in search of a few droplets of crisp water to sip on. In addition to creatures that are lovely to look at, you will also notice that your water garden draws animals who create an enchanting live soundscape. Birds of all shapes and sizes will want to spend time visiting your water garden where they can bathe and drink to their hearts' content.

This will leave your yard filled with the pleasant, beautiful tones of all manner of bird song. At night, when the birds have flown off to sleep in safer areas, your water garden will likely play host to a bevy of frogs that will croak you a lullaby in deep bass tones. One of the most exciting things about the fact that a water garden attracts wildlife of all shapes and sizes is that getting up close and personal with all of these types of animals enables you to observe them at all stages of life.

A water garden often provides you with an opportunity to see frogs develop from tadpoles, and to watch different kinds of butterflies come and go with the seasons. Chances are, if you spend enough time watching the different visitors to your water garden, you are bound to learn a few things about nature that you never knew, and that is the very best kind of surprise.

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