Simple Rules for a Faster Smoother Home Sale

Congratulations! You've decided to sell your home. Now what? No doubt you've heard about challenges in the real estate market recently, and wonder what that means for you. Here's the truth: Whether it's interest rates, home values, local competition, or just "the market" in general, selling your home isn't as tough as you might think. In fact, you actually have a lot of control over getting your home sold as fast as possible, and for a desirable price, too. By working with a reputable Realtor and keeping in mind a few rules of thumb, you'll be surprised at how simple the process can be. Rule #1: Make a good first impression.

Good looks count for a lot when it comes to valuing your home and making it appealing to buyers. Make sure your landscaping is neat, painting touchups are done, and yard clutter (tools, toys, equipment, etc.) are neatly stored and out of sight. Rule #2: Knock out that "To-Do" list. The burned out exterior floodlight bulb? The kitchen drawer with the missing knob? The bathroom door that sticks, and the slow drain in the sink? Take care of these little things, or they'll become larger and larger issues in the minds of potential buyers. Rule #3: Straighten up, but don't obsess.

No one's expecting you to pass a white-glove test, but interior neatness is important. Before a prospective buyer comes into your home, do your best to make sure there aren't any dishes in the sink, move life's daily clutter out of common areas, put clothes in the hamper, and run the vacuum. Rule #4: Seduce the senses.

Open curtains and blinds to let light in. If it's warm out, open the windows, too. To engage a potential buyer's sense of smell, brew a pot of coffee, bake a loaf of bread, or light a good-quality scented candle.

For the ear, play some nice mood music quietly in the background. (Be sure to avoid jarring music or talk shows.) Rule #5: Relax, and let your Realtor do the talking.

You've got a Realtor to help you sell your home, so let them do what they do best! They know how to handle buyers, and often read between the lines to hear the real concerns they may be masking with otherwise innocent-sounding questions. And besides, do YOU want a homeowner following you around everywhere when you look at a home to buy? When you think of how different every single home sale is, it won't come as a surprise to learn that nothing in these rules equals a guaranteed sale. But over time, Realtors have come to learn that when sellers follow these rules of thumb, the process goes more smoothly, and the odds for a faster sale tend to rise. And here's a bonus. Instead of seeing your home as something you're just trying to get rid of, by following these simple rules, you'll also start seeing your home as something truly valuable you've invested in, you take pride in, and you're happy to be offering it to the lucky homebuyer who says, "I'll take it!".

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