Repairs You Can Do Yourself

There are situations when your precious air conditioner can go wrong. But it does require cleaning and maintenance so that it gives good service. This will help you to keep it in good order. Points to remember - The power has to be turned off before venturing into repair work. Find out shut off panels for this. If this panel cannot be found then the main source of electricity has to be switched off.

Remember to remove all the debris and keep them at a distance from the condenser. - Then you have to remove the grill that covers the condenser and all the fins have to be cleaned with a soft brush or a piece of clothe. It would be a very good idea to vacuum clean.

The fan is attached to the to the cover of the grill and remember not to loosen any of the wires that are there. The motor should be protected by some covering that is waterproof. The motor might also need lubricating and this is the best time to do so.

After this is over the unit needs to be put back together again. - You should test whether the air conditioner that you have just repaired is functioning well or not. Just turn on the power and allow it to run for some time. One pipe should be cold while the other should feel warm. It this does not happen then you will need to call a professional who will come and recharge the refrigerant. - If the air conditioner is not starting off automatically there are some ways by which you can make it restart.

The thermostat should be quite cold and much below the room temperature. The fuse might have blown out. A breaker might have tripped which is there on your panel box. The power switch connecting the furnace has to be turned on as well as the condenser switch outside. The 240-volt disconnect, beside the compressor should not be turned off.

There are obvious advantages if you are able to repair your own air conditioner. You will save a lot of your money and spend it where there is an absolute necessity. The repairs are quite simple and can be easily attempted at home. The manufacturer will come to your aide if you are in some serious trouble. They have more knowledge about the products that have manufactured and this will be of great help. The problem will be solved face to face and in the process you will also get some more information.

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