Packing Your Stuff Away In Preparation For Staging A Home For Sale

Contrary to popular belief, staging a home for sale is not redecoration. When you redecorate a home you target the seller and the personality of the seller. On the other hand, staging a home for sale specifically targets the buyer. There is preparation that must be done even before you begin to stage a home for sale. This article will look at a few preparation strategies before you stage your home. Staging a home for sale focuses on improving a property to make it appeal to the largest number of buyers.

The home is transformed into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive home for sale. Staging also raises property value through reduction of the home's flaws. The house should be depersonalized, free of clutter, cleaned and landscaped. We will consider a few more things that need to be done when preparing a home for staging. If you have the space for it, I recommend getting a big dumpster and arrange for it to be hauled away when full.

Get a good size one. The dumpster can handle more than you think, don't panic. Throw away everything that you haven't used in the last six months.

Get standardized boxes about 16" x 12" x 12". This box size is just about perfect. Consider some of their larger boxes, too, for things like dishes, toys and other things you have. You can fill the boxes but with light items. You will have to carry it at some point.

Invite your friends over for a party as they help you pack. Be sure to wrap your dishes in something soft like the big bath towels. Write on the boxes with a black felt tip marker information such as: 1. The room it goes in. 2.

Once you know the number of boxes for a given room, you can write the box numbers like this, #4 of 7. 3. Indicate the contents and whether they are fragile. If you've hired movers, do not let them move things like your computer or things that are irreplaceable if damaged. Move these yourself.

You'll take much better care of them than the movers will, even if you mark a box fragile for them. If it's a big move, offer to buy the movers lunch. Fast food or pizza will do. They'll love you for it, and will generally take much better care of you.

Be sure to give the movers a good tip, if they deserve it. Where they courteous? Did they make a reasonable effort to be careful with your stuff? Give them a tip, don't be a miser.

When staging a home for sale remove extra furniture that can makes the space seem crowded. This is especially important in warm weather. Fewer furnishings make your rooms feel cooler. Check out a few more tips in this resource:

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