Media Furniture Invades CES

As early as the times of ancient Greeks, sofas have been favorite furniture by many. Since it is upholstered and can seat more than one person, it has become indispensable furniture in any home. Today's sofas have become more wildly designed than their ancestors.

With the younger generation of consumers looking for more creative sofas, manufacturers have created artistic and functional contemporary sofas. At Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, furniture designers have displayed their latest creations. One of the furniture showcased at the event is the PlayPod.

Judging by the name, it is made to be compatible with Apple's iPod. Although not as large as a sleeper sofa, this furniture can seat more than one person comfortably if needed. One glance at the chair though would have people thinking that it is just for one person.

But the space provided by the PlayPod is enough to seat two persons but not more than that. As can be expected from a modern sofa, this is made from space-age materials. This seat is designed like a cradle and is shaped like an oval. The middle part of the furniture is hollowed out to create the seat.

This is designed by Christopher S. Bladovin for gamers. Younger generations of consumers are known for their affinity with gadgets and the chair developed by Bladovin allowed them to connect their gaming consoles or media players to the speakers in the chair. The arrival of chairs such as this does not come surprisingly as there have been a lot of designs for sofas. In the past, only the elite were the only ones who can afford upholstered seats.

But changes are made to the sofa which gets them within the reach of medium and lower class households. Through the years sofas with backings and without back support can be found easily on any home. Leather sofas are the favorite of upper class households as it is known for its elegance and of course, its expensive price. There are sofas which are so modern that they come with their own TV stands.

Sectional sofas which can be configured and re-configured according to one's taste are also popular with consumers as they can change the theme and design of their living room by just simply rearranging the sofa sections. There are wooden sofas which are made comfortable by adding throw pillows. There are also sofas which are made from bamboo. With the trend in consumer products going towards looking more "natural", these ethnic-themed sofas are becoming more popular.

The unveiling of the unique PlayPod at the Consumer Electronics Show shows that furniture is becoming more integrated with electronics. It will be a matter of time before all sofas and other furniture that we have now are installed with speakers and whatnot. There are even talks about surfing the World Wide Web and adding music into your media player plugged into your sofa without leaving the comfort of your couch. This innovation is not far off as manufacturers and developers of media furniture are pushing ahead and developing more advanced technologies.

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