Looking Beyond Water Heater Prices When Making A Buying Decision

Considering water heater prices is one of the major actions to make before finally buying a water heater. With the many water heaters available in the market today, it is wise to choose not only affordable ones, but also those that give you superior quality. Besides, in the long run, choosing the right water heater could be saving you a lot of money. What is the first step in buying a water heater? Before anything else, you should determine what type of water heater you want to have. You can choose between an electric or gas-fueled water heater.

There are also water heaters that burn oil, kerosene and propane to heat water. Some use solar panels and wood heat. Which type of water heater is less expensive? By comparing the water heater prices of gas-fueled and electric water heaters, you will find that electric water heaters are less expensive. All things relatively equal (brand, features, style), a gas-fueled water heater can cost about $50-$100 more than an electric water heater. Does this mean I should get an electric water heater? Yes, just by looking at that, you might as well be investing into electric water heaters.

However, if you look beyond the price tag and see the investment you'll be making in the long run, you would be reconsidering your decision. What does that mean? The Department of Energy performed a study last 2005, and results show that for every million Btus of heat produced, the average dollar cost of natural gas was found to be at $15.13. On the other hand, electricity was found to be a t $27.26. This clearly shows how natural gas is by far the cheapest, most convenient fuel used for water heaters.

Despite the high cost in purchasing for gas-fueled water heaters, just think about how much you can actually be saving when you use natural gas as opposed to electricity as a fuel for your water heater. What can I do if I still want an electric water heater? If for some reason, having an electric water heater appeals to you more, you can still enjoy it and at the same time take advantage of the economy of using a gas-fueled water heater. There are products available that allow you to do just that. This works by removing the electric heating element in your water heater, turning it into a storage tank. A new gas-fired heating unit is then attached to the existing water tank using two inch water lines.

With this system, you can experience three times the heating capacity of a standard electric water heater. Overall, before you finally decide in buying a new water heater, make sure to consider other factors than the water heater prices. You must have to first identify what type of water heater suits your need and budget. And always keep in mind that although there are many water heaters that are affordable these days, what matters most is how efficient they are.

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