Landscaping Your Yard Tips and Ideas

Whether you have a large yard or a small yard, one of the fun things of having a yard is landscaping it. Have you always wanted a garden pond? Or perhaps you have always dreamed of having a waterfall in your yard? Why not develop the landscaping of your dreams? Do you have children or grandchildren? Imagine your yard with wooden playscapes in an area of the yard designed especially for youngsters. Other areas of the yard can include walkthrough gardens, flowers that add color and charm, and a selection of trees, shrubs, and other flora to balance the yard. Here are some basic ideas. Areas Having like elements repeat throughout the landscape, such as plants or rocks, will help unify different areas to each other. To fill in areas that need color perennials and summer bulbs can be added.

A play area is really beneficial if you have children or grandchildren. Wooden play sets can be attractive and a lot of fun. A path for a tricycle or small bike can add to the fun. A gravel walkway around the yard will provide such a path and save the grass from being trampled down. One of the all-time favorites for just about any child is a tree house. Any large tree can be turned into an endless adventure with a few boards and a ladder.

The possibilities really are endless. Lawn A lawn adds color and a cool place to play on hot days. You can make it even more beautiful by adding flowerbeds and shrubs along with a number of trees for shade. These things can turn a plain lawn into a paradise. Flowers Flowers add color and grace to any yard. Sprinkled throughout the border of the yard flowers can transform your home from a run-of-the-mill house to a showplace full of style.

To have color year-round, plant a variety of perennials and annuals mixed together. Pond Just about every yard has grass, shrubs and tress, but a pond adds something special, especially if there is a waterfall going into it. There are many ready-made waterfalls and ponds that you can choose from. The Internet is a great place to research and learn about what is available and how to take care of a pond and waterfall.

Rock Rock gardens really can be breathtaking when done right. Adding drought-resistant plants compliments dry rock landscaping well. This is a great way to reduce your water bill. In some areas where there is a shortage of water, this can be a terrific way to conserve limited resources.

Rock can be used in walkways, groundcover, walls, ponds and waterfalls with spectacular results. Rock walls are a good alternative to picket fences, especially if the surrounding area cries out for rock instead of wood. Landscaping ? One of Life's Pleasures Landscaping a yard is one of the pleasures of life. It's a prime opportunity to add beauty to your surroundings. With some planning and research, and perhaps some help from a professional, anyone can design and create a yard that is eye-catching.

Grab plenty of tips and tricks for making your yard and garden healthier and more beautiful. Carol Stack and her famly live on a large piece of property where they enjoy trying out new gardening ideas. Carol's Web site, covers lawn care, organic gardening, landscaping and more.

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