How to Take Care the Papered Walls

You have stains on your wallpaper and want to get rid of it? Here are some tips that you can use to clean your wallpapers without damaging them. Get some ideas on how to clean the wood panel walls and kitchen walls. These tips will help you to clean your walls in an efficient way and a very good result.

DAY TO DAY CARE OF PAPERED WALLS includes prompt removal of stains and marks. Use art gum for pencil marks and light smudges. Sponge crayon marks lightly with cleaning fluid on a soft cloth. (Test first.

) Repeat applications may be necessary. Soap and water cleaning may follow removal of the stain if the paper is washable. INK SPATTERS should be blotted up immediately but carefully with cleansing tissue. After that, apply fuller's earth or French chalk, brushing it off as it takes up the ink.

If the stain is not removed completely by these methods, ink eradicator from the drugstore can be used, but it is likely to take out the color too. (Follow the directions on the package.) STAINS MADE BY FOOD (have you a teenager?) should be brushed off as promptly as possible to remove any solid particles. If a grease spot remains, use the cleaning fluid plus the absorbent mixture described in the preceding paragraph.

LACQUERED WALLPAPERS can be washed easily with warm suds made of soap or detergent. Papers coated with wall wax (sold at wallpaper stores) usually can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Special cleaners are made for fabric-coated walls, but if the manufacturer of the covering has supplied directions, follow those. IF YOUR WALLPAPER IS UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE, how are you on hanging it? Hundreds of women do their rooms over and some of the papers available today are ready-pasted. WOOD-PANELED WALLS, finished with wax, seldom need more than dusting. If they begin to look dry and grimy, clean them with liquid wax on a soft cloth, buff them and then apply a fresh coating of wax.

Rub the panels with another soft cloth until a dry fingertip will not leave a mark. PANELS FINISHED WITH VARNISH OR SHELLAC, which are not waxed, should be dusted and, if desired, freshened by applying the following mixture: combine one half cup of pure gum turpentine, one cup of boiled linseed oil, and about a tablespoon of vinegar. (Note that one buys linseed oil either "boiled" or "raw." Do not boil it yourself!) With a clean cloth apply a very thin coating. Let it stand for fifteen minutes, then rub it until it will meet the finger-smudge test. KITCHEN AND BATHROOM WALLS, finished with high gloss enamel paints, lose their finish and soil resistance if the wrong type of cleaner is used.

Sometimes plain hot water will clean these surfaces. Washing soda (sal soda) is ideal for soiled enamel paint. Use a couple of tablespoonfuls in a pail of hot water and add more if the walls are very soiled.

If you keep changing the water, rinsing will not be imperative. Again, begin washing at the bottom of the wall and work upward. With a sponge squeezed out of your cleaning mixture, wash a small area of the wall at a time, using a circular motion. Rinse with a sponge squeezed out of clear water before moving to the adjoining area, being careful to overlap the edges of the part just cleaned. Continue until the walls are clean, then do the ceiling.

Detergents also are safe for glossy enamels and do a nice job on other paints too. DO NOT USE SOAP ON ENAMEL PAINTS because it nearly always leaves a film. Use cleaning fluid on soft cloth to clean the crayon marks, and use the fuller's earth or French chalk to clean the ink spatters and food stains. Use the wax for wood paneled walls. Use the mixture of the turpentine, linseed oil and vinegar to clean the panels that are not waxed. Use the washing soda to clean your kitchen and bathroom walls in circular motion.

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