How To Organize Your Garage

You have a two-car garage and you do not know how long it has been since you were able to park your car in it. Every time you open the garage door or go in there to get something that is stored there, you always vow to yourself that you are going to get to work and organize it once and for all. Well, today is the day, you have a plan and you are going to put that plan in place to get the garage organized.

The three steps involved in your reorganization plan are to clean out the garage, lumping and using storage accessories. Clean Out The Garage The basic first step in organizing your garage is to clean out the entire area. This means that everything needs to be taken out and placed outside.

It is important to temporarily store the items away from the entrance if you anticipate watering down the floor. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate all of the contents that were stored and assess each of the items. This assessment takes into account what is needed and what is not needed. Once you have made the separate piles, it is important to haul away the unneeded items to the dump, have a garage sale or give away the items to a not-for-profit thrift store. Once you have removed all the items out, it is then important to clean.

This cleaning can be accomplished by sweeping out the floor area, perform high dusting and watering down the cement floor. Lumping Once you have cleaned out the garage and have determined what items you are going to keep, the next step is to lump together those items. This lumping should keep in mind those items that naturally fall together in their use. Examples of these categories would be gardening tools, items associated with your vehicle, tools used around home, etc. Also, if clothes or seasonal items will be stored in the garage it is important to gather those items together as well.

Storage Accessories The third step involves placing all of these items that you are keeping back into the garage using organizing accessories that are available. For example, you could mount pegboard on the wall and use that storage area to place your tools and keep them located in one specific area. Another example of storage accessories is the use of large plastic tub containers. These containers could hold seasonal clothing or seasonal items. These seasonal items could be holiday decorations, camping supplies etc.

Also, you can anchor shelving to the wall and use those areas for storage. Or, perhaps, you may choose to simply purchase and build a strong cabinet that can be used to store items neatly. Finally, it is important to remember why you are cleaning the garage. It is not just for organizational purposes, but to provide room to house your automobile.

When organizing, be sure that you keep this important factor in mind and provide adequate room for your car to be stored.

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