How To Make Money Online Through Paid Surveys

You have probably gotten the emails or seen the advertisements telling you that you can make a lot of money simply taking online paid surveys. It seems enticing, especially for newcomers to the web marketing world. Is it a legitimate way to make money and how much can you really make? Do a search for online paid surveys to get the latest companies offering this opportunity. Some companies keep a list of other companies who pay you to take their surveys.

They will charge you $30 to $60 or more to get access to this list. Then you have to contact the companies on the list to actually take their surveys. I don't find this a particularly efficient and don't recommend that you start with this. You will also find that only a small percent of the companies on the list will be valid and useful.

With some diligence, you can find the same companies that are running surveys for free. So paying for a list may save a little time, but if you are starting out and want to do it on a limited budget, there are better ways. While some online paid survey companies pay in cash, others work on a point system, where you can redeem the points after you accumulate them. Survey sites like Ciao Survey or American Consumer Opinion Panel are a couple companies to check out.

If you register with enough companies, you should get 1 to 4 surveys to do every month. If you don't mind a points system, check out companies like Global Test Market, Mysurvey and Opinion Post. Check their conversion rate of points to reward and make sure they have items that you would like. You don't want to spend a lot of time earning points when you cannot find anything you want to redeem them for.

Other companies will enter you into a sweepstake or lucky draw for completing a survey. This is probably the least preferred way to "get paid", as you may get nothing for your time. You may not prefer this type of reward but there are good chances of winning the prize. But if you participate in a combination of cash, points and sweepstake survey companies, you will be making some cash and entering a sweepstake can add some fun too.

Companies that offer sweepstakes include Synovate, NOP World and Nielsen Netratings. People in the US and Canada have more opportunity to earn money with paid online surveys. That's because there are more companies doing surveys in those countries, so there are more surveys available. People do earn some real money by taking online paid surveys and you can too.

Just don't expect to replace your full time job doing it. But you can earn yourself some extra cash each month from online surveys.

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