How To Decide If You Need Shorter Bar Stools

Bar stools are very popular in homes these days primarily due to the popularity of eat in kitchen designs with half bar counter tops. There are many other uses for them as well so let's have a look at some of them now. If you have a tall kitchen counter or maybe an outdoor bar on your back patio you will more than likely want tall bar stools, however what we want to look into here are the many uses for the shorter variety of twenty four inches or so. Besides the obvious commercial applications for the shorter stools, there are many uses for them at home especially for children who may use them to sit at short counters or bars and draw and do their homework.

They are also very good for use just to take a load off while you are doing things like cutting vegetables and other things involved in preparing a meal. In most kitchens the shorter stool is perfect for allowing you to reach the counters while you are working, a swivel stool would also be preferable. If you have a workshop or garage you may even use them in that environment.

For children the shorter bar stools are ideal for computer use, homework, or drawing due the fact that they are almost tailor made for the smaller kids up to the age of eleven or so. Almost all seating is manufactured with a particular use in mind and bar stools are no different. These shorter varieties seem particularly well suited for homes with children.

If you are the type who likes to spend a lot of time in your workshop or garage, for most people the short bar stool will be the perfect height to give you the comfort you need while you are working. If you are into something like wood working there are adjustments and areas of the machines you will need access to that would require you to get up and down if you were using a taller seat. For these types of activities the short version is preferable for both comfort and safety. As an artist it is important to me to have comfortable seating as I may sit for hours sometimes when drawing or painting.

If I am working on a mural or wall painting, a shorter bar tool like the 24 inch style makes it easier for me to be able to get to the areas at the bottom of the painting while at the same time making it comfortable to reach the main areas.

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