How to Apply Wax Using Electric Buffer

Applying wax can be much easier if we know the methods. But you can always have the alternative to use the electric buffer. Find some ideas on how to wax using electric Buffer or by hand waxing.

IF YOU ARE USING AN ELECTRIC BUFFER let the wax dry for twenty or thirty minutes before polishing the floor. If you polish by hand or with a fresh pad on your applicator, wait only a minute or so and then buff while the wax is still moist. It will be much easier. FOR ADDED LUSTER and a long-lasting finish follow the cleaning wax treatment with a coating of paste wax.

Dampen the pad on your long handled applicator with water. With a knife or spatula spread paste wax on the pad. Rub it over the floor in the direction of the grain so that the wood is coated with a thin even layer. It is important for good results that the layer be thin. If too much wax is used, the floor will be left gummy and difficult to polish.

FOR HAND WAXING use a dampened cloth, folded in a pad. Wipe the pad across the wax then spread it in a thin coating over the wood. Follow the instructions given for liquid wax cleaners in polishing the floor. WASHING A WAXED WOODEN FLOOR is seldom necessary, if it is well kept and if sticky materials spilled on it are wiped up promptly with a moist cloth.

However, it can be washed without damage if you use a cloth well wrung out of mild suds. Wash a small section at a time and rinse each area before moving on to the next. The important thing is not to get the floor too wet Buff the floor afterwards, when it has dried thoroughly. Re-wet it if this seems necessary. LACQUERED WOODEN FLOORS with a glossy finish do not have to be waxed.

They can be washed with a mop wrung out of mild lukewarm suds and rinsed with clear water. A treated mop can be used in dusting them if they are not waxed. If they are waxed, follow the directions given for waxed wooden floors. VARNISHED FLOORS are also sometimes waxed, but this is not necessary. If not waxed, they can be dusted with a treated floor mop.

A floor finished with waterproof varnish can be washed by the method described for lacquered floors. If the varnish is not waterproof, avoid washing unless it is absolutely necessary. If wash you must, use a cloth tightly wrung out of a mild soap or detergent solution and does a small area at a time, rinsing carefully with another cloth wrung as dry as possible out of clear water. Use a thick pad of newspaper under your pail as a precaution against spills, and do not let water dribble or stand on the floor. SHELLACKED FLOORS must be kept scrupulously waxed, or spilled water will leave white spots and blotches.

Wipe up immediately any water spilled on a shellacked floor. If it is soiled, clean the floor with a cloth moistened with alcohol or with a mixture of turpentine and alcohol (equal parts). Rub lightly or you may take up the shellac.

Using the Electric Buffer the wax dry a little longer than if you polish the floor by hand or applicator. Waxed Wooden floor doesn't need a regular wash, it can be cleaned by wiped it with a moist cloth. But you can also wash it without damaging the floor with the correct direction.

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