Home Remodeling

Home remodel jobs are going left right and center but unfortunately youre unable to take any on. Not because youre not qualified, but because youve gone and sprained your ankle and really who would hire you with that being the case. So now youre frustrated and ready to pull your hair out by its roots, and you're bored stiff to boot. All those lovely home remodel jobs and you can't get to any one of them. So now, because you're bored and just for the fun of it, and because you really haven't paid any attention to your own home ever since you went into the remodeling business, you start to work your way through, room by room. That's not literally of course, only figuratively speaking.

If you could walk then you'd be up and at your job within a second! That not being the case however, you instead list everything in your home that could use a good home remodel makeover from you. You go through the entire house step by step, visualizing everything in your mind. Luckily you have a pen and notepad kept handily within your reach. Next you list the rooms that need doing, and then you write down exactly what it is you need for this surprise home remodel makeover.

You might not be able to get to it yourself just now, but if you have everything listed properly you can then shanghai your husband and kids into helping you when you're at least able to hobble around. Your home remodel project will naturally enough start with the living room since that's where you've currently been landed and that's the one you can see the most of. New coat of paint, perhaps a new carpet, and definitely a new couch, this one's too uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time.

Out go the drapes and the ring-marked coffee table along with it. The cat gets to stay but only because you noticed him in time sleeping in the storage space under the coffee table! Next, the dinning room because you can see that if you turn around on the couch a fraction and strain your head even more. So, definitely a new coat of paint there as well, not to mention the drapes. In fact it might be easier to just write down drapes and new paint for the entire house and be done with it. What the cat hadn't destroyed in the past few years, the kids had, so there was no use in quibbling with such a basic aspect of your home remodel project. And on and on you go, making your lists till your hand's cramped and you're in dire need of another cup of coffee.

But ultimately you feel good about everything and when the family comes home later you've got a big smile on your face and you can hardly wait to tell them about the lovely time you had on your home remodel project.

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