Fuengirola Hot Tub Options

Colour choices for a Fuengirola Hot Tub are just as important if not more so as colour is in our daily lives and it has been proved by science that we do react to colours in different ways. Colours can often play a very considerable part in how we feel and act during our every day lives often in a subtle and non intrusive way. The range of colours when choosing or selecting a Hot Tub are very wide ranging and one should think carefully when selecting a colour. A Hot tub is your Window to the world of self indulgence where the waters of well being combine with intensely rich vibrant colours to set an unmatched richness of colour where the effect is very special indeed Let's have brief run through some of the colours or perhaps I should say finishes that are available as they can be a mix of colours so I am using the word colour in its loosest sense:- Mystic Emerald - is a deep emerald green with great vibrancy and depth. Summer Sapphire - is a great light blue a bit like a summers day or perhaps an ocean scene with light blue weaved with white like a breaking wave crest. These deep rich lustrous colours are described as Gemstone.

Galaxy Green - is a beautiful deep green speckled with white a luxurious and rich colour This is only matched by Starry Night Blue or some times better known as Tahoe Blue. Having driven round Lake Tahoe I can vouch for the colour. It's a lovely deep blue speckled with white. Another stunning colour is Caribbean Blue a cunning mixture of dark and light blues giving a very pleasing and pleasant effect. A very cool and pleasant colour. Then we have Sierra a lovely white with a sand fleck through it reminds me a bit of the Sahara.

Both Caribbean blue and Sierra are described as natural granite colours. Moonscape another great colour is similar to Sierra above but perhaps with a slightly stronger and deeper fleck now turning a stronger gold / brown perhaps looking more like the mottled surface of a Lunar Landscape. Both Sierra and Moonscape are excellent colour choices and look fantastic under moonlight.

Something else also to consider is the Jets on a Hot Tub. It is nice to have a wide range of various different jets in a hot Tub so that one can change the position that suits at the time. Sometimes you want more pressure in different areas of the body and only by having sufficient jets can this be achieved.

A water fall is very nice and it is of course extremely pleasant to hear running water but that said it does nothing for your massage or hydrotherapy. Indeed in reality it just uses up your power so water features are in some ways just mere selling gimmicks. This is more so when they have two or three water features then as your electricity power bill is going up your massage effect is going down indeed it's much reduced as its power is being taken away from the main jets to run these features.

The author Jacuzzi John supplies luxury quality Hot Tubs from Estepona In Spain and his web site is atFuengirola Hot Tubs and and for a designer ramge of Hot Tubs please go to Hot Tubs in Spain

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