Floatron in Spain for Swimming pools Hot Tubs

The idea behind the floatron concept is to simply combine solar electricity which is of course at low voltage to provide natural power with the process which creates no harmful by products during the ionization purification process. What is ionization? An ion is an atom or group of atoms that has lost or gained one or more electrons. An atom which has lost electrons acquires a positive charge and is known as a cation; an atom which has gained electrons has a negative charge and is called an anion. The process is called ionisation. Well I am sure we all know what that means. The Floatron unit performs as a free-floating device with an advanced-alloy ultra pure ionizing electrode that suspends below the waterline.

We have reports of many people using the Floatron even when they have a pool cover. As sunlight is converted into electricity by the small light weight photovoltaic panel, the harmless low power current energizes an electrode, causing the release of mineral ions into the swimming pool's surrounding water. During an oxidation reaction, organic molecules are changed and dissolved metals are made no longer soluble. Interesting is it not that these processes were used at least as long ago as the Romans who put silver and copper coins in their water barrels to keep the water fresh.

In America back in the days of the Wild West the wagon trains would keep silver and copper coins in their drinking water barrels to help purify the water. Even in British Naval History as Lord Nelsons ships of the line also put coins into water barrels to keep drinking water fresh. The ionized water, referred to as mineralized water, safely, naturally, and efficiently eliminates growth of micro-organisms. Nearly all North American & UK clients who have purchased floatron have had covers on their pools their feedback has been very positive with floatronŽ working well with the majority of covers cover that float directly on the water.

There are two main choices firstly to open the cover enough to float the unit, or cut a 3 inch (~7cm) "X" into the cover which allows the electrodes to remain in the water while the sunlight receptor is exposed to the sun. Chlorine, tends to lose its potency within hours of its application, also during hot summer conditions it usually experiences a rapid and substantial loss of its performance due to evaporation. Unlike chlorine, mineral ions produced by the floatron do not evaporate into the ether and in deed these Ions and the Floatron become more effective during hot summer conditions. It is an acknowledged fact that in warmer or hotter outdoor temperatures Ionization process is greatly enhanced.

The use of Floatron is not restricted to Swimming pools they can be used in Hot Tubs also.

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