Fireplace Gas Logs Convenient Reviews

I always thought that fireplace gas logs look cheap. You see, I believe in form following function. If you are having a fire in the fireplace, that is fine.

Fireplace logs look the way they do because that is what they are. If you're going to use a gas burning fireplace, why make it look like it is filled with real logs? It doesn't make sense. Using a fireplace gas log is just a form of nostalgia, you see. If you want a real wood burning fire, have one.

Otherwise don't. On the other hand, when I was over at my cousins house - a cousin who has fireplace gas logs, I was really impressed with the realism. The fireplace gas logs really looked like the original.

For years I have been burning wood in my fireplace. I grew up with a free standing fireplace in the middle of the room. Although my parents had installed internal heating, we still had the old wood burning stove that we could use to heat the house. It was great! Not only was it cozy, but it was practical as well. The entire house was heated in a cheap way Those fireplace gas logs looked so real. The fireplace'style was almost exactly the same as the one we had when I was young, and each fireplace gas log seems like it had been hand split and thrown on wood pile.

for someone who grown up burning real fire place logs I had to admit that it provided a tempting imitation. Sometimes I ask myself that if I grew up in a house that burns fireplace gas logs, would I never become attached to fire in the same way that people who grew up burning wood were? It really is hard to know! Although I like my cousin's direct vent fireplace, I still like having a real wood burning fireplace a little bit better. The fireplace gas logs are much better than I would have thought. But if you ask me, nothing beats the real thing.

If you can't see the wood spark, can't stir the fire with a poker, and can't smell the smell of burning timber, it is not a real fireplace no matter how good it looks. It may be better than nothing, but it is still not quite authentic. That is my opinion for now of course. Either way a fireplace is nice to have. Just be careful and enjoy it.

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