Find the Perfect Spot to Hang Your Family Portrait

A family portrait can add beauty and life to your home. Where you hang a portrait can either add to or take away from its visual impact. The portrait should be hung where it can be seen, but it shouldn't stand out like a sore thumb.

If you have the privilege of planning your family portrait before it's taken, you can choose the portrait colors, frame and layout based on where you plan to hang it. For portraits that have already been taken, you can usually find a great hanging spot in at least one room of your home. Hang Portraits to be Seen A family portrait is meant to be adored by your own family as well as guests. The first choice to hang a portrait is usually the living room or dining room, but there are other hanging places you might not realize.

Two areas often overlooked are the entrance and hallway. These are where your guests will enter and exit, and they'll often notice whatever is hanging on the walls. An entrance is where your guests are first greeted by your home decor.

Why not greet them with a beautiful family portrait? Hallways are usually dull or dark areas of the home. You can hang a family portrait on your hallway wall and place two decorative wall lamps on each side of the portrait to draw attention to it. This adds light to your hallway and attracts attention to your portrait.

Another excellent location for family portraits is the wall along a staircase. Staircases have a natural way of highlighting what's hanging on the walls around them. They provide additional framing for a portrait that makes it even more attractive. If your stairs are in an open area of the home, guests can see the portraits even if they don't walk the stairs. Hang Portraits Securely No matter where you hang your family portrait, secure it well with sturdy picture hooks, and use molly bolts for very heavy portraits.

A portrait should be secure enough to withstand any shaking in the room or wall that could cause it to fall. When hanging a portrait near stairs, be sure to hang it where it won't get knocked down easily while people walk up and down the stairs. Recreate Old Family Portraits If you have an old family portrait you'd like to hang on the wall, but it's just too fragile or worn to hang, you might consider having an oil painting made of the portrait. A skilled artist can bring out the best in any photo. Your family portrait is too precious to waste. You can preserve it as an oil painting on canvas, and transform your family portrait into a treasured work of art.

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