Choosing the right shower for you

Choosing the right shower for you When choosing the right shower it can be difficult to differentiate between which is suitable for you. Although it is an essential bathroom product, it is not surprising many people have little or no knowledge about how each particular shower works. When selecting a shower it is important that you to choose one that will suit your personal water heating system.

Electric Showers Electric Showers are perfect for instant heated water. Electric showers do not need a stored hot water supply as the water is heated by passing through a heating element. The electric shower is useful when catering for a family bathroom, as it offers economical value and efficient power. Electric showers are extremely easy to install and because they are so versatile they can be installed in new and old homes alike. Electric showers also offer added features such as select and forget controls and phased shutdown options. Mixer Showers Mixer showers are easy to install as they do not require any electrical connections.

The 'mixer' shower is named this as it mixes together the hot and cold water to create the perfect water temperature. If your home offers an ample supply of hot water a mixer is perfect for you. Mixer showers usually have a higher flow rate than electric showers, which is an advantage for a quick and powerful shower.

Modern Shower Heads and Valves Shower heads are available in all styles and shapes finished to top manufacturing standards. Shower heads are very versatile in terms of the price and style. Combining these shower heads with matching shower valves can create a fantastic co-ordinated combination.

Shower heads can come from the wall or the ceiling giving you versatile showering options. There are many shower valves to combine with matching shower heads. The shower valves can be split into three separate sections single, dual and triple valves. The shower valves can match any shower head which is gives you a wide range of options.

Going for a shower valve instead of a traditional shower can give your bathroom a real minimalist edge. Combining both options allows you to choose exactly the right shower you want. Shower Towers A shower tower is quite a daring choice to choose as it is a very different from the traditional options.

Shower towers will give your bathroom a rare centrepiece and fit in perfectly with contemporary settings. Shower towers can offer additional features such as integral shelves and water diverters. If you are planning to replace an existing shower consult a professional plumber beforehand for the best advice.

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