Ceiling Fans Reduce your Energy Bill

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to cut your energy bill. During the summer month's people are paying a lot of money for cooling. Truth is air conditioning is expensive and so is heating. You might be wondering how would a ceiling fan help reduce my energy costs? Aside from that you might be wondering how would a ceiling fan help reduce my energy bill both in the summer and winter.

Studies have shown that using ceiling fans in the winter can help reduce your energy costs about 10% in the winter and a lot more in the summer. The way ceiling fans work is by moving masses of air upward or downward. In the winter a ceiling fan can be calibrated to keep the warm air down instead of it rising.

It is not very common to hear about using ceiling fans in the winter. Nevertheless, it is highly feasible and cost effective. Let's see how you can reduce your energy bill by using ceiling fans in the winter. Ceiling fans spin their blades clockwise. That means that the manufacturer has made sure that when the ceiling fan spins it will help warm air rise.

To reverse this operation and keep the warm air down in the winter a ceiling fan can be modified by changing the direction of the spinning blades. Most ceiling fans have a simple switch that does that. Using a chair or a ladder to reach the ceiling fan is the most common way to do so. Once the spin is reverses the warm air is pushed down by the ceiling fan. To get the best heating results make sure that the speed is set to the lowest so it won't create a chilling effect. Therefore, in the winter the secret is low speed and reversed spinning to keep warm air masses closer to the floor and prevent them from rising.

The summer set up of a ceiling fan is pretty straight forward. Keep the ceiling fan running and spinning in a clock wise direction and thus having the fan pulling the warm air upwards faster. Ceiling fans and fans in general do not actually reduce the temperature in a room. What they do is create a wind chill effect that can be up to 10 degrees cooler.

They lift warm air high, and thus cooling your room's living space. In other words, if you have an air conditioner working in conjunction with a ceiling fan you can actually go about increasing the temperature on the thermostat because your ceiling fan contributes some of the work. It might not seem like you are saving a lot of energy but you are actually are. Days that it is not that hot to run your air conditioning you can just have your ceiling fan cool the room.

To set up your fan, make sure that your blades are spinning in a counter clockwise way. The best cooling results will occur when your fan is running at the highest speed. For maximum cooling put your fan on the highest possible setting.

By using a ceiling fan in conjunction with your cooling system or an air conditioner you can save up to 40% off your overall summer cooling bill. And that is one great reason why to use ceiling fans in both the summer and winter months.

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