Budget Decorating Making A Room Divider

When you need to divide a space in your home but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy room divider, you can always choose to think about making a room divider. Making a room divider is not that difficult after you decide which approach you want to take. There are several ways to go about this task and the more creative you are, the better your room will look in the end. Take a look at this fun and easy ideas to get a better understanding about what you should do with your own personal space and décor. Blinds One easy way to divide space is to use bamboo blinds.

You can get these pretty cheap at your local general merchandise store. Simply hang them strait down from the ceiling to divide the space where you want to. You can put these almost anywhere and pull them up if you want to get rid of the divider temporarily. Along those same lines, you can use curtains or fabric to divide a room.

You can make them in a roman blind style that can be pulled up, or install a rod or track on the ceiling and then you can push the fabric out to divide the room and simply pull it back against the wall when you want the room open. You can use premade curtains, hanging beaded or bamboo curtains or make your own out of a fabric that matches other items in the room. Shelves Another way you can divide your personal space is with bookshelves. This is a little more expensive than using bamboo blinds, unless you already own bookshelves. However, they are a very sturdy way to divide a space well. In addition, they are not easily moved, so once you commit to using them as a divider, you won't likely be able to move them around a lot.

You can really use them as a wall, which is great for a studio type apartment or other big space. If the back of your shelves are plain boring wood, you can spice them up with paint or wallpaper. Think about adding a mural or hand painted stencil to really give it some interest. You might also think about using open shelving boxes to divide the room but still be able to see through to the other space.

These can be bought in many colors and styles but can get to be a bit expensive. Panel Dividers You can make your own panel room dividers from wood, fabric or even odd materials like shutters. Perhaps the easiest way to make a room divider is to take 3 or more tall shutters and hinge them together. You can also make 3 or more frames out of wood and hinge those together - you can staple fabric to the frames for a soft look or put any other material inside. You could use wood, plywood that is painted or wallpapered, metal that is either plain or textured like the kind you use in tin ceilings or anything else - your only limit is your imagination! Making a room divider is an easy way to help cut up a large space into smaller sections.

It can make your home seem a little warmer and intimate, which is always a good thing. Just experiment with what you have or spend a little cash to get some things to work with until you get the look you want.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.room-divider-decor.com where you can learn more about decorating with room dividers as well as explore the different styles of room dividers available.

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