Bedroom Furniture For A Single Woman How Sexy Should It Be

Oh the sense of freedom when you first have your own room to decorate! Most women love to decorate and make their room their own, so finally having your own space out of your parents home is a joy unlike any other. But what type of master bedroom furniture should you have in your bedroom? If it's too sexy will it be a turn off? Is red lace going a bit too far? College Dorms If you are moving out of your parent's home and onto campus you may be a bit upset at the size of your room. Many dorm rooms are extremely small, and the college cares more about how many bodies they can cram in one room than they do how spacious the room is. You can consider a dorm practice for your real first bedroom! Get comforters and pillows that you like, along with any wall art or photos that you want to have on your wall.

These are all things that you can bring with you when you finally get to choose your affordable bedroom set. Personality or Pizzazz? Once you get your own bedroom thoughts will be rushing through your mind. You may immediately think of splashing the entire room down with your favorite color. Beware! Some colors just aren't meant to go on walls, and others are very difficult to match. Hot pink might look great on a mini-skirt but will look extremely bright on your walls.

Remember: you're going to be sleeping in this room, so you will want to make sure that it is not painted so brightly that the color is visible at night! Instead of your favorite colors, think about your personality. If you're someone who enjoys watching "chick flicks" and cries at a sappy commercial, you will want to go with soft lines and pastel colors. If you enjoy watching sports and live for wrestling, go more with the darker colors. If you're a woman who enjoys both sports and the occasional sappy movie, you may want to mix dark colors with soft, curving lines! Choose colors and shapes for your bedroom furniture that truly represents who you are, both inside and out. Sex, Sex, Sex Many people believe that single men think more about sex than single women do.

This is rapidly becoming disproved! Single women have needs as well, and it is only natural that a single woman would want her room to feel as sexy as she looks. You may, however, want to stay away from red and black lace. Bold, deep colors portray sexiness even better than red lace ever could. Deep, curving bedroom sets and lamps that have a low light can make a woman's bedroom look like the second most attractive thing in the house.

Don't forget about the bed! Look for large, sweeping headboards and footboards and go for comfortable pillows and a sleek comforter to complete the look. Bedrooms are a very important piece of a single woman's home. It gives her a place to find sanctuary, a place to rest, and a place to enjoy men to the fullest!.

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